The mission of ASET is to foster Evangelical theological scholarship and facilitate collegial relationships among its members 
  • Encouraging research and providing a forum for disseminating that research among members and to the wider Christian and academic communities.
  • Creating a context where evangelical perspectives on issues facing the African church and society are addressed.
  • Creating a context for fellowship and networking.

  • Raising funds to finance the activities and events of the ASET
  • Publishing the findings of research in books and journals
  • Contacting other societies that is in accordance with this constitution and the Societies Act in the Laws of Kenya as may be stipulated in the society‚Äôs by-laws.


The Core Values that inform ASET are:
  • Faithfulness to the Bible
  • Professional ethics
  • Creative and critical thinking
  • Christ-like humility
  • Community of scholars encouraging, respecting, and learning from each other
  • Development and Inspiration of young scholars


This is us:

Africa Society of Evangelical Theology is a growing group of scholars who have joined together for several reasons. The society seeks to encourage the exchange of ideas among Evangelical Theologians in Africa and beyond; acts as a source of ideas and essays for evangelical theology in Africa; stimulates scholarship among younger theologians, pastors, and inquiring laity; and publishes a scholarly journal at least once a year. .

The Africa Society of Evangelical Theology meets together for an academic conference each year, typically the first and second weekend of March. This annual meeting is a well-attended forum intended to give members an opportunity to share Evangelical Scholarship with others. Sessions may be devoted to topics such as biblical studies, missions, philosophy, pastoral theology, psychology, cultural studies, and systematic theology, among other topics.

The Africa Society of Evangelical Theology is a membership-based organization. Information on becoming or renewing membership is available on this website under the Membership tab. Memberships expire on March 1 of each year and should be renewed by sending dues to ASET Treasurer Grace Itegi. Download the membership form and fill it, scan it and send to asetsecretary@gmail.com We invite you to become a member! Membership is open to anyone who has interest in the society. Scholars, pastors, students, and lay members are all welcome to join. All full members receive the Society's Journal, published annually.


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